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PAL Policy Analytics Lab



Policy Analytics Lab (PAL) is a consultancy and think-tank that aims to inspire new thinking and innovations in policy.

Our objective is to develop high quality evidence to inform policies. We are curious to understand what has worked in each particular policy context. We aim to develop innovative policy lessons, using rigorous methods, data analytics and new digital tools. In doing this, we also engage the people, and help design services around people’s experience.

We are eager to advise practitioners on what can work most effectively and help them deliver new policy solutions. We aim to provide a creative space in which policy professionals can exchange ideas, acquire new knowledge and skills for more evidence based, data-driven, digital, and user-centered policies.

We actively engage national and local governments, multilaterals, private sector and civil society. Together, we identify their key problems, design innovative new policies and interventions, and test these using cutting-edge methods.

We aim to sustain and expand a network of dedicated policy practitioners and academics from Turkey and various countries.

Current research topics at PAL include governance, productivity, competitiveness, urbanization, regional economic development and public management; and above all, quality of life and happiness of citizens.

PAL is incorporated and currently headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. We plan to expand the PAL network in Turkey and in our wider geography.