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PAL Policy Analytics Lab


What Makes Us a Lab?

A laboratory is a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study. We study public policy problems. We observe vigilantly local, national and global debates and interventions on public policies. We treat every policy intervention as an experiment to draw insights on what is working and what is not. We take every policy practice we are engaged with as a learning challenge where we have strong appetite to discover frontiers of knowledge.




Who Are We?

Policy Analytics Lab was incorporated in Ankara in May 2017 by five partners, bringing in different areas of expertise, experience and perspectives. We experienced and learned from Turkey’s reform successes and failures for the past thirty years. We have worked in multiple dimensions of policy arena, including public sector, multilaterals, academia and think-tanks. Through our history of working collectively for the past 10 years, we have developed a common wisdom and work ethic that facilitates collective and creative decision-making.




A consultancy and think-tank that aims to inspire new thinking and innovations in policy.

Our objective is to develop high quality evidence to inform policies. We are curious to understand what has worked in each particular policy context. We aim to develop innovative policy lessons, using rigorous methods, data analytics and new digital tools. In doing this, we also engage the people, and help design services around people’s experience.

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Why have we established PAL?
10 August 2017

The whole world is going through a period of uncertainty. The crises in 2008 seems to have unraveled forces of protracted economic instability in countries which have been the drivers of inspiring economic growth and promoters of global policy paradigm. Along with other long term trends this triggered a popular discontent and infused radical political-populist shifts, which threaten to undo most of the gains of the globalization. Although there are some signs of economic recovery especially in Europe, experts are warning against complacency, pointing to bloated debt stocks of governments and private sector, fueled by easy and cheap credit. Political backlash seems to have been averted in Europe by recent elections in France and Holland, however populist discourse is still abound even in ce... [More]

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